Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Decor Vol.2 - Little Things

Little Things Make Huge Difference - I'm confident everyone agrees and can relate to. 

During Christmas time when all the big stuff is taking care of and you can find couple evenings wondering what other holiday decorations could bright up your space. This post is about small last minute  gems.

1. Snowflake Tree
During the house renovation we needed an accent wall in our living room. Somehow we agreed on Forest Green, without even thinking that during winter season this wall would be a great inspiration.

  • Out of coffee filters I cut out different snowflakes, after all - no snowflakes are alike. I did iron them first before using clear scotch tape to attach it to the wall
  • My daughter made the "star" - I cannot take credit for this centerpiece - it was a school craft project. (I'm planning on making post on how to make this paper piece) 
  • Christmas stockings are beautiful addition to this Snowflake Tree

2. Candle Light Log 
Unique centerpiece will brighten up any dinner table:

By finding somewhat flat piece of log, I asked my Honey-Do-Husband to drill in using 1 1/2 Woodboring Spade Drill Bit openings for tea-candles and simply adorned with artificial Christmas decorations. 

3. Candle Holders Re-Imagined 
My neighbor was giving these candle holders away. Different thing about them - no bottom. Maybe you have similar candle holders laying around or you actually use it with candles. 
Simply add artificial Christmas decorations inside:

Great Christmas Decoration To All!

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