Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DIY: Pallet Christmas Tree/ How to Make Christmas Tree out of Wood Pallets

Happy Holidays to all!

With the help of my Honey-do Man, I've created new wall display this Christmas season. It is environmentally-, budget-, allergy-conscious; and pine needles free. But what I liked the most about this Pallet Christmas Tree is that I was able to display all my Christmas decorations - ornaments stood out.

As you may noticed, I have a green accent wall in my living room, becoming focal point of the space.  I've used two pallets - upper and lower - for this project (should I mention that most of the work in creating this tree was done by my Honey-Do Man?):

We messed up little bit and accidentally cut the tip of the "tree", but I've covered it with the star. Tree stump is simply a decoration: I should of piled up some presents in front of it to hide it, since it is not the prettiest stump 😀  And yes, we did use little bit of a green spray paint on pallets.

Tree is attached to the wall with screws in two spots (upper and lower pallet) like this:

Next step: in the spaces between planks, hammer in small tack nails. I hang my Christmas ornaments on them and - tack nails also helped to keep strings of lights in place. Something like this:

Conveniently I have a power outlet right behind the tree - starting from the bottom hang lights, hiding wires behind the tree.

Pallet Christmas trees can be different is sizes. I wanted our to be at least 5 feet tall - I have a spacious living room. If you have a smaller room, you may want to use only one pallet.

We really enjoyed and admired out Pallet Christmas Tree this year. There is something magical in homemade Christmas decorations, wouldn't you agree?

My name is Uli and I love pallets 😉

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