Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DIY: Fabric Basket Tutorial

I've made this adorable fabric baskets as a gift to my nieces.  Special secret - baskets are reversible: you can never guess anyone's taste.

Essential materials:
  • Two different fabrics (yardage depends on a size of baskets you've decided to make)
  • Fusible interfacing (medium weight)

1. Decide on a size of your basket. Cut desired rectangular: for example 11 in. wide and 16 in. long. So let me translate: 11 in. is how wide my basket is going to be, and 16 in dividing by 2 = 8 in. is how deep it's going to be. You going to need to cut same rectangular of the second fabric. Also, let's think of a strap here. Mine is 4.5 in (not folded yet) wide and 12 in. long.
Fabric is folded on this picture:

2. Iron on fusible interfacing.

3. Sew sides and strap:

4. Decide how wide you would like the bottom of the basket to be. Mine is 4 inches. So that means I have to sew a 4 inch seam. Fold bottom to create a 45 degree triangles. Make sure to align - pin - bottom on the basket with the side seam. 

Cut triangles off:

5. Insert both pieces into one another. Wrong sides of the fabric facing each other.

6. In this next step you going to decide the length of the strap and it's exact spot. You are also going to  align side seams to make sure your basket fits snug. If it's not, here is your chance to correct it. 

7. Next step is little bit tricky. Pin strap and basket linings together: right sides of the fabric will be facing each other and the strap is going to be in between it. Wrong side of the linings looking like this:
Sew all around, but make sure you leave 2-3 inch opening in the seam. You are going to need to pull the right side of the fabric through it, leaving wrong side in. 

8. Now you are going to need to sew around the top of the basket and close this 2-3 inch opening. You can choose to use different color threads here as well. 

And here it is: reversible basic fabric basket.

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